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Are You Using Video?

If not, you’re missing out.

But what are you missing out on, exactly?

Well, you’re missing out on:

  • Finding and connecting with thousands of fans and potential customers.
  • Exploding your sales and income.
  • Developing trust and brand recognition in minutes instead of months or years.

Consider this:

Here’s the bottom line:

People prefer video over any other medium.

Video is here to stay, and the desire grows exponentially every single day.

How Does Video Help Me?

Video offers benefits that no other medium even comes close to.

Check this out:

  1. Video Builds Trust Quickly

    I’m sure you understand how important trust is, especially in today’s online milieu.

    Without trust, you don’t have a business. No one is going to pull out their credit card and purchase something from you if they don’t trust you.

    Trust is fickle, too.

    We’ve all seen it time and time again – a celebrity or company spends 20+ years building trust only to have it disappear in a flash. All it takes is a simple tweet or online review or news story.

    Video builds trust quickly, though, allowing you to condense years of painstaking work into mere days or weeks.

    Did you know:

    • Very few online brands have managed top garner trust. In fact, surveys indicate that only 22% of online brands are trusted.
    • 60% of YouTube subscribers say they’d rather take advice about what to buy from their favorite video creator than from their favorite celebrity.
    • In your brain, your amygdala automatically determines whether someone is trustworthy or not. Just by seeing someone’s face, your brain decides whether someone is trustworthy or not in one-tenth of a second.
  2. Get Your Message Across Fast!

    People are busy.

    The time it takes someone to get distracted and pulled away from your message is mere seconds.

    I’m sure you know how easy it is to get distracted online.

    Oh look at that cat video!

    See what I mean? ☺

    Video gets your message across quickly.

    Did you know that 37% of people will stick around and watch a video until the end, but fewer than 25% will make to the halfway point of a 2000-word article? Time certainly does matter!

    And, our brains are wired to process visual content faster than written content, to the tune of 60,000 times faster.

  • Stand Out & Get People’s Attention

    Even though people can’t get enough of videos, so few websites and companies are using them!

    Just be using video on your website, in your social media campaigns, and in your advertising, you’re already way ahead of most content creators online today.

    In fact, more than 92,000 new pieces of content get published online every day, so how will you stand out?

    How will you grab someone’s attention and get them to listen to everything you have to say?

    By writing 20, 30, or 100 articles? By spending hours every day sending tweets and posting to Facebook?

    Video grabs attention.

    25% of people say they lose interest if a company or brand doesn’t offer a video.

    In fact, if you offer both video and text on the same page, 59% of people will opt for watching the video over reading the text.

Start Using Video!

Where do you start if you don’t have video editing tools?

What if you simply don’t have the time to sit and learn the ins and outs of everything involved with video editing and video marketing?

You could go a Google search and hire a random guy online.

Have you seen those rates, though?

  • Hire a video production company, and expect to pay $3K- $10K per minute of video.
  • Head over to Fiverr and pay $150 for a basic, 30-second promo video.
  • Or, you can join one of the many online DIY-video sites where they give you a limited amount of stock videos and you get to add a few lines of text and some music to them. But of course, your video will have the same visuals as LOTS of other videos, since their visuals are available for all their subscribers and customers to use. So, there could be thousands of videos out there using the same stock video you chose.

What I Offer

I am proficient at video editing and video marketing. I’m not great at shooting videos (lighting, technical stuff like that).

But if you already have a video, I can edit, annotate, and polish your videos to transform it into something spectacular.

I’ll make sure it meets your objectives, whether that’s engaging people, informing your audience, building trust, building brand recognition, or enticing people to buy.

Contact me with your proposal and what you need, and we’ll discuss pricing and options on a case-by-case basis.

But rest assured, I don’t charge anywhere near $3K-$5K for a 1-minute video. ☺

Some Videos I’ve Created

Here’s one I made to find a home for a dog at the Trumbull County Pound:

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