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12 Blogging Facts That Illustrate the Immense Power of Blogs

Across the globe, approximately 4.5 billion Internet users purchase over $29 trillion worth of goods and services online annually and spend an average of 6.7 hours per day visiting 1.5 billion websites. So how can you possibly stand out? You blog. Blogging, or content marketing, enables you to connect with your customers in a unique way, build trust and authority, and respond […]

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What You Get When You Work With Me

What You Get Experience the ease and excitement of bringing your website vision to life. Your package includes: A Complete WordPress-based website – Responsive, mobile-friendly, and tailored to your needs with several security features to stop hackers. Custom Graphic Design – Elevating your brand with professional graphic creation and editing. Email Marketing Setup – Establishing […]

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Website Hosting Recommendations

Who you choose as your website host is an important decision. Here are some things to consider, what to look for, and who I recommend. I’ve been creating websites and working with clients for many years, and I have quite a bit of experience dealing with various hosting companies. In a Nutshell   You have […]

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How to Successfully Guest Blog to Multiply Your Traffic

Talk to anyone website owner and you’ll hear one question repeatedly: How can I get more traffic? More specifically, website owners want to know: How can I get more traffic for free? There are hundreds of ways to increase your traffic, of course. You can pay for traffic, spend months creating valuable content and optimizing […]

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Writing Samples

Copywriter for Hire – Writing Samples I am a copywriter for hire, so if you’re wondering hiring a copywriter to write articles or content for your website, check out some of my past work. Here are a few articles I’ve written. Samples Elsewhere I’ve posted some sample articles over at Verblio on the Samples tab. […]

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Should You Use WooCommerce for a Successful e-Commerce Site?

In 2016, U.S.-based eCommerce stores generated $436 billion in sales, and that number is expected to grow to $632 billion in the next three years. If you don’t have an eCommerce site, now is the time to start one. If you do have one, it’s time to reassess and re-consider whether your current platform is the best […]