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What You Get When You Work With Me

What I Do

I do everything needed to create and set up your website. That includes (but is not limited to):

  • Complete WordPress-based website (responsive and mobile-friendly)
  • Graphic creation/editing
  • Newsletter/email list setup
  • Social media setup and integration
  • Keyword research
  • Provide Marketing & Traffic-Generation plans / advice
  • Provide Content-marketing plans / advice
  • SEO and Google Ranking plans/advice
  • Setup analytics tracking to monitor and measure ROI, visitors, etc. and instruct on its use.
  • Ecommerce / store setup
  • Set up SSL certificate
  • Content locking or membership site setup
  • Ensure your site is extra secure and will NOT get hacked (as much as that is possible).
  • 6 months of maintenance and personal instruction on how to run your own website and make needed changes/upgrades.
  • Unlimited pages / graphics / addon implementations
  • Video & Audio integration. Also podcast integration.
  • Gallery / Portfolio setup
  • Regular website backup plan / instructions


I charge one flat fee of $475.00. $100 is needed up front to start, and the remaining $375 is due after everything is set up and running – and you are satisfied.

What is NOT included in that fee:

  • Domain name (~$11/year at
  • Hosting (see Hosting Recommendations for my recommendations and requirements) ($144 per year if you take my recommendation)
  • Additional premium plugins – one I very highly recommend is Thrive Themes for lead generation. In my opinion, it’s a must. Thrive themes costs $19/month if paid annually ($228) or $30/month if paid quarterly ($360 per year). See the Why I Highly Recommend Thrive ThemesAnother good one that I recommend (but not required) if you intend to do content marketing is an addon that tracks and records your Google rankings for each piece of content on your website. It records your rankings every day and keeps a chart noting the rises and falls It really helps so we can tweak and get you into the #1 spot on Google for each piece. That addon costs around $30 (one-time fee).
  • Paid promotion campaigns (optional) – FB ads, etc.
  • Copywriting / Content Creation Content marketing is the best way to generate long-term traffic for free, in my opinion, if it’s done right. That means KW research, content marketing plans, great writing, shareable content, etc. Some people would prefer to have an experienced copywriter provide their content for them, so on that front, I charge $50 for a 1000+ word article that is based on sound KW research (to rank at the top of Google -> free organic traffic every month for years to come) with a solid marketing plan built-in (i.e., “how does this article educate your buyer or build trust and authority and entice them to buy your product at some point in the near future?”).

    You should note that content marketing is a time-intensive process that takes months to see results. For instant traffic, you need paid traffic. Both avenues should be part of your marketing plan. See the “Why Content Marketing is Necessary” handout.

A Thought on Cost

All in all, it may seem quite costly to get this all set up and running. Specifically, I’m recommending these costs:

What Price
My fee $475.00
Hosting – yearly $144.00
Domain Name $11.00
Thrive Themes Addons – yearly $228.00
Grand Total $858.00

Who has $858.00 laying around to spend on something that may or may not work?

No one I know!

That’s why I create plans that, if followed, will increase your earnings to where you’re earning at LEAST $1000/month in profit (and the goal is certainly much more than that).

But with a new website, you must understand that building to that level is not immediate. It may take 6 months or more. And that depends on if or how much you intend to invest in paid-traffic generation. If you’re going to rely solely on free organic traffic, plan on 1 year for things to pick up and the traffic and money to start really coming in.

A Couple Other Notes

  1. You should know that I’m a data nut.

Everything I do and recommend is based on verifiable data, and I am ALWAYS collecting and analyzing data.

I don’t blindly read some article online and accept it as truth.

Most of what I find online is either incorrect or just copied and re-worded from something the “author” found elsewhere online.

My methods and data come from peer-reviewed and primary sources, as well as my own years of personal experiences.

Everything I do to set up and maintain websites will be tracked, analyzed, and used to increase the metrics that really matter.

So, expect a monthly or quarterly report 😊

  1. I Have Requirements

If I choose to work with you and you choose to work with me, I have some requirements:

  1. Be open, honest, and stay in touch. I suck at reading people’s minds, so please tell me exactly what you want, how you want it, when you want it, etc. Provide me with the text, images, videos, etc. that you want to be included on your site. If you want me to create something, tell me what you want and provide feedback every step of the way. I can be reached via email or FB messenger pretty much 24/7. I’m not big on talking on the phone, but if that’s your preferred method of communication, I can make an exception. 😊
  2. Please do not call me at 3 and 4 am. I put this here because I had a client that regularly did that. I don’t want to be called between midnight and 9 am, please.
  3. This is YOUR website and it is made for your wants, needs, and goals. I can help you reach all of your goals, but please be open-minded and engage in conversations. If you hire me, we are a It will take plenty of open communication to reach those goals. If there’s something that pertains to the website, share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback often! Kind of goes with #1, but it’s the most important aspect for success. So, I reiterate.
  4. YOUR accounts

Most web designers set things up and the clients don’t know where things are or have access to the various accounts (e.g., analytics accounts, paid add-ons accounts, hosting, etc.).

Bad idea.

Do you know how many clients I’ve had that came to me and said, ‘I need my website updated” and then I discover that their former web designer put everything on their personal account (not the client’s)? As a result, we cannot access upgrades or contact support. We cannot access the things the client paid for!

What if I was killed in a car accident tomorrow?

Would you have all the data you need and access to all the stuff required for your website, so you could hand it off to another web developer?

Therefore, I set things up in your name as much as possible and provide you with a written record of all access/login info as well as a complete backup of your website on a flash drive. That way, if you need to hand it off to someone else tomorrow, you have access to everything, and it’s all explained and laid out plainly.

What does that mean?

  • We set up your domain name account in your name with all your info and payment info (and no, I won’t see that) at Namecheap (or wherever)
  • We set up your hosting account in your name with your info and payment info.
  • We create your own Analytics account for tracking stuff
  • We create your own account at places that provide add-ons, like Thrive themes or email providers, etc.
  • You create your own social media accounts. Alternatively, I create them and give you the login info, and then you are free to change the password once I’m done.
  • If you’re really wary and don’t want me to know anything, create a new email address and use that to set up the accounts. Because — I will need that info. After I’m done, you can go in and change the email address to your regular one and again, I’ll have no access (but the changing password thing is enough).

However, that also means that you must send me the pertinent access-info emails that these companies send you once you set up your accounts. I need access. Once I’m finished, feel free to go change all the passwords so I no longer have access. Again, it all goes back to the “open and honest communication” thing. 😊

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