These days, all the websites I create are Wordpress-based. Here, I'll tell you why I made that choice. Click the headline to read the explanation.

Imagine it – you wake up one morning, grab your cup of coffee, sit down at the computer, pull up your website to see how much money you made overnight, and –WHAM–you see a blank page that says, “You’ve been hacked by KarlMeister”. You go into panic mode….”OH NO!!! What do I do now?”

It happens. A LOT. But WordPress lessens the chance of that happening to you – immensely.

WordPress is constantly being updated to stay on top of the latest hacking attacks and security vulnerabilities. Out of the box, it’s pretty secure. But I know a lot of additional tweaks that make it nearly bullet-proof.

So prevent the nightmare before it happens, and hire me to make you a really-secure WordPress-based website.

With WordPress, you don’t need to contact your web designer every time you want to update or make a change to your website.

I can teach you what you need to do to update your website. Or, you can just google your question,
because there are literally MILLIONS of how-to articles online about how to fix any kind of error or feature with WordPress. Easy-peasy!

Now, I’m not saying “Use WordPress because everyone else is. HA! But the fact is, over 25% of websites today are using WordPress. In fact, there are an estimated 74,652,825 websites using WordPress. And the reason it’s popular is because it works well, it’s secure, and it’s comstantly being updated.

There are so many ways to easily expand the functionality of WordPress. You can create anything you can imagine and put it on your website. Get creative and be unique!